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"The Good News Report" with Amorah St. John & Bre Wolfe

"The Good News Report" with Amorah St. John and Bre Wolfe shares the good news about what is working in the world today.

It is about what is breaking through, not what is breaking down.

It's all about the news that makes you feel good.

Every two weeks Amorah and Bre deliver positive news.

You can find our show on Akaku Media, Maui Daily.


Gutsy Women Show @Pro Arts Theatre - Maui

GUTSY WOMEN celebrate women’s history month with music, song, poetry, drama and humor by a wide array of Maui talent, including special guest, fabulous songstress Nara Boone, Louise Lambert, Nāmaka Cosma, Tanama Colibri, Bella Moline, and more.

Hosted by Amorah St. John, with music direction by Maui’s queen of swing, Louise Lambert.

A portion of the proceeds will go to Women Helping Women

For information on our Access for All initiative, please go to

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Gutsy Women - Live on Akaku Media - Maui


Amorah St. John interviews the fun and fabulous women of Maui who are making a difference in the community.

"Gutsy" in the dictionary means courageous, determined and filled with spirit. 

Amorah's guests live up to that definition, empowering listeners to make a difference and follow their hearts.

The show airs live every Friday from 11:00am to Noon. Listen in!

Currently, on Hiatus - Stay Tuned

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Gutsy Women on Akaku Radio & TV

GUTSY WOMEN's Amorah visits with the amazing Eve Hogan ...a true gutsy woman.

Eve Hohan  is an inspirational speaker who specializes in helping people access their inner wisdom, achieve self-mastery and create healthier, more joyful relationships-whether it’s with Spirit, a loved one, or with one’s self in the form of self-esteem. Eve’s charismatic style captivates listeners and ignites people’s enthusiasm and joy for life. She leaves her audiences empowered and with the skills and the tools that will effect positive change in their lives.

Eve specializes in Self-Esteem, Personal and Spiritual Growth and Relationship Skills. She also has an expansive amount of experience in entrepreneurial skills, working with kids and teenagers, journal and creative writing processes, problem solving and decision making skills based in critical and creative thinking, and spirituality.


Gutsy Women on Akaku Radio & TV

Amorah visits with the remarkable  Dame Doria (DC) Cordova. She owns Excellerated Business School® for Entrepreneurs, Money & You®, and other Excellerated programs, a global platform that has over 200,000 graduates since 1979 from over 85 countries – especially from the Asia Pacific region and the Americas. The programs are taught live and online in English, Chinese (Mandarin / Cantonese), Spanish, Tamil, Japanese, Vietnamese – soon expanding to Bahasa and other languages.


Many of today’s wealth and business leaders have attended the Money & You program and transformed the way they teach, chose to have a greater positive impact in the world and integrate in their organizations the win/win/win principles taught in the program.


Gutsy Women on Akaku Radio & TV

GUTSY WOMEN's Amorah visits with the amazing author of the renowned book "Breathe", Bre Wolfe.

Bre Wolfe is an author, inspirational speaker and compassionate spiritual teacher. She has been featured on numerous local and national television shows as a news anchor and notable personality. Her deep spiritual journey lead her to discover a body of inner work that illuminated her spirit and soul so she could assist others to live radiant lives. Bre Wolfe teaches transformational healing practices through sacred movement, breath and sound combined with ancient plant medicine rituals and ceremony. 


Gutsy Women on Akaku Radio & TV

Amorah interviews the amazing Eva Maria Coburger, a certified  Naturopath born in Germany.

She has studied a broad range of healing and bodywork techniques, including the 'InnerWise' Healing Method, Hawaiian Ho’oponopono, Craniosacral Therapy, Neuromuscular Therapy, Gyrotonic and Gyrokinesis, Tibetan Pulsing, Voice Dialogue, Hypnotherapy, and Neuro-Linguistic Programming. Since she lives on Maui, the Aloha Spirit infuses her healing work greatly.  


Eva-Maria developed the Coburger Method as a fusion of the healing systems she has found most effective, personally and professionally. She offers this unique healing modality to clients around the world.


Gutsy Women on Akaku Radio & TV

GUTSY WOMEN's Amorah interviews the most inspirational mind, Amanda Eller.

Amanda Eller holds a Bachelors of Science in Kinesiology and Clinical Doctorate of Physical Therapy Degree from the University of Marylandand worked at US Healthworks and later Bayfront Hospital in St. Petersburg before moving to Maui in 2015.

 Since then, she has been serving the island and community of Maui in addressing their healing needs.

Amada applies a multitude of tools and techniques that allow her to offer healing beyond the typical limitations of western medicine. With a background in physical therapy, yoga, reiki, and energy healing, she found  the most efficient treatments for aches and pains that were not improving with traditional therapy. She developed a repertoire of traditional and alternative hands-on methods that offer rher clients an opportunity to heal more fully and return to the things they love.


Gutsy Women on Akaku Radio & TV

Amorah interviews the film and television producer Jeanette B. Milio.

Jeanette is a veteran producer and financier of motion pictures and television programming. Over twenty-five years and working across three continents, she was involved in producing and distributing film and television content totaling $250 million in production volume to date. Jeanette Milio is the CEO of Alliance Cinema, a film and television content, finance, and production company located in Beverly Hills, CA, and Wailea, HI.

Jeanette worked on over 50 film and television projects with Academy Award® winning talent in front of and behind the camera, which are distributed by studios, networks, and streamers including Paramount, Lionsgate, Sony Pictures, Warner Bros, HBO, Showtime, ABC, USA Network, Discovery, TLC, National Geographic, as well as Apple, Amazon, and Netflix, in addition to networks and distributors in Europe.


Gutsy Women on Akaku Radio & TV

GUTSY WOMEN's Amorah interviews the most inspirational Lili Townsend.

Lili runs the "non"-organization "Ministry of Fun, with its headquarter on Maui.

The Ministry of Fun empowers the knower within to celebrate that Oneness, to rest in the state of heart and mind that says we are all equal souls-in-evolution, and since there are over seven billion of us, there are undoubtedly seven billion plus correct ways of evolving....


Stay tuned to my Gutsy Women and

Good News Report

Watch more Gusty Women interviews every week, and enjoy Amorah's fabulous guests


Watch Amorah's and Bre's Good News Reports and enjoy their ongoing programs


Enjoying Every Day


Aloha from magical Maui where I have been producing and hosting a radio talk show called GUTSY WOMEN. My background is in marketing, PR and broadcasting.


I was born BC (before computer) and am ready to launch my show on an internet platform as a podcast. My mission is to inspire women globally.

I am Amorah (formerly Jan St. John) loving life free and happy to be me...on the island of Maui. I am loving my new life in paradise where I work at the Fairmont Kea Lani's Keiki (kids) Camp and am about to publish my first children's book, "The Adventures of the Light Sisters."


Life is rich and full.

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